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Thank you for commissioning a totally hand painted oil on canvas reproduction painting from Masterpiece Paintings Gallery of Red Hare Communications. Please take a couple of minutes to read this entire page carefully. It is all important to you and relevant to this purchase.

If you have commissioned and paid via PayPal the transaction will appear on your bill as “Siwaporn Huadjairuk”, manager of Masterpiece Paintings Gallery.

As of 2016 we no longer accept payment by check or money order. Payment by wire transfer is approved on a case-by-case basis.

You can expect to receive photos of your painting AT LEAST 30 WORK days (not calendar days) after we receive payment (and a master image if you are sending one to us). OFTEN IT TAKES SUBSTANTIALLY LONGER (180 DAYS?), especially with large, complex, or difficult paintings.

We always give greater importance to quality than we do to speed. Our production center doesn’t work on weekends nor on Thai and international public holidays.

Insured (not available for all countries) airmail delivery is free.

Any import duty or taxes are your responsibility.

If Thai Post decides a painting is oversized, then it must be shipped by courier and must be insured or it will certainly disappear in transit. Courier delivery is not included in our price. We charge at cost as quoted by the courier company.

Please keep in mind that these are totally hand painted oil on canvas art works created by a person one stroke at a time. It takes a LOT of time. And a painter has good days and bad days just like the rest of us. They have personal problems, get sick, have accidents, suffer deaths in the family or experience other things that affect the total amount of time it takes them to complete a painting at top quality.

Hiring us to create artwork for you means you understand this. Commissioning a painter of ours to create a painting for you means you agree to and accept an EXTENDED DELIVERY TIMEFRAME.

After you commission your painting we try to immediately respond by email acknowleding your order. If you don't receive an email, your mail filters are probably preventing legitimate messages from reaching you. Please add us to your "white list". If you do NOT pro-actively add us to your white lists it is very likely that mail from you and mail from us to you will go missing without notification.

Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL are heavy-handed and unintelligent censors that often reject mail we send to clients. White list our domain and email addresses (Friend) so our messages are more likely to arrive in your mailbox. Otherwise, it is likely your email service provider will put our messages in your trash, bulk, spam or other folder — or maybe not deliver them at all.

Only when the painting has passed our strict and rigorous quality control (QC) process and is ready for you to review will we contact you.

We do not send periodic email messages saying “we are working on your painting”.

Although we don't provide periodic status reports, you can be confident that we are busily working on creating a museum-quality painting for you as fast as we can with no compromise in quality. We work very long hours and often work weekends and holidays. We we don't promise that, but it's not unusual.

Feel free to inquire about your painting any time. Photos are taken and sent to you only when we believe the painting is finished. No photos are taken until a painting is approved by our QC manager .

The precise delivery date of your painting and the length of the “extended delivery timeframe” depends on many factors:

  • the complexity and size of a painting (many paintings have multiple layers of paint and each lower layer must dry before applying the next layer — Monet paintings can have up to 15 layers);
  • weather (humidity and temperature affect the drying speed of the oil paints);
  • when the most qualified artist for a particular painting will be available to start;
  • quality control (no painting passes our extremely strict quality control inspection the first time and must be returned to the studio for more attention to details. If the inspectors can find any detail missing, the painting will not be approved and the painter will be asked to do more work.);
  • QC revisions (Every time work is done to a painting it must again go through a quality control inspection. Two or three or more inspections are common.);
  • customer approval prior to shipping (clear, color-accurate, correctly exposed, digital photographs of oil paintings need to be taken in direct mid-morning sunlight. If the weather is bad (March to October is the rainy season) that can delay the photographing of the paintings which delays YOUR approval which we always obtain before shipping.

    Also, extremely dark paintings with tremendous contrast such as many Rembrandt and Caravaggio art works are very difficult for digital photos to capture accurately.);
  • revisions requested by the customer (if you feel changes are needed we'll do our best to implement your requests. When the new work is done it must be inspected again and photographed again when approved by QC);
  • we no longer offer a framing service;
  • cleaning of the painting and packing can take 1-3 days;
  • National postal services, UPS, FedEx and DHL can experience delivery delays because of Christmas or other holidays as well as because of strikes, civil unrest, wars, terrorist attacks, security alerts and natural disasters. They normally don’t deliver on Sunday;
  • we get a flood of commissions in November and December for Christmas. Because all our paintings are totally hand painted, we cannot suddenly increase our ability to reproduce these masterpieces and everything slows down — an art traffic jam. We are also overwhelmed by commissions at various other times of the year which we cannot predict in advance; and
  • if God sends giant Tsunami waves that take a number of our painters to the next life as happened in southwest Thailand on 26 December 2004, or;
  • Thailand experiences nationwide flooding as in November 2010 or;
  • a military dictatorship overthrows or attempts to overthrow the elected government as in 1991, 2006 and 2014 — those things also impact on the “extended delivery timeframe”

Please send us a contact phone number. A phone number is useful if email communications prove unreliable. A significant percentage of our customers experience mail from them or to them goes missing. Please send us your phone number!

Please send us your phone number

All our paintings come rolled in sturdy PVC cylinders.. As of 2008, we shipped rolled paintings by INSURED Air Mail. Courier companies are no longer faster, they charge substantially more, and shipments are not insured unless you pay extra. INSURED air mail is now almost as fast, more reliable, invariably requires the customer's signature upon receipt, and they will compensate us in full if the painting is lost or stolen so we can paint a new one for you.

When your painting is finished, we will send you 5-20 digital photographs of our actual painting as email attachments for your approval before we ship it. Only when you have approved the painting will it be shipped. That means it is impossible for a painting to be in transit and you NOT know about it.

We paint totally by hand, precise reproductions closely resembling the original art works when they were new. We do not replicate age or damage unless you specifically request it.

There is likely to be a difference between our reproduction and the photograph of an original masterpiece you might see in an art book or on the Internet. Do not assume that an image on the World Wide Web or in an art book was diligently compared to the original work and then color corrected. That is very unlikely and usually whatever comes out of the scanner is what the publisher or webmaster uses.

Photos of the same masterpiece painting always look different from one art book to another and even from one page to another page in the same art book. Frequently the color of photographs distributed by the actual owner of a painting, such as a museum, are intentionally inaccurate because they don't want the painting reproduced accurately. We have found our own photographs are usually much better than a museum's or gallery's photos even when we cannot use a flash or tripod.

Sometimes we are shocked at how incorrect “official” photos can be. However, photos of paintings to be auctioned that have been taken by famous auction houses are often quite good as are many art prints. We have been very disappointed by the quality of the Art Renewal Center's prints.

No matter how many photographs, prints, or posters of a particular painting we have, no two ever look exactly the same. And when we photograph original paintings ourselves, the prints that come back from the photo lab also vary.

Our painter will carefully consider all the large, clear, color photos of the original art work that we have in our archive as well as our own original-size prints in order to get as much detail as possible. He/she will also rely on his/her experience of painting other works by that particular artist as well as his/her knowledge of the colors and techniques used by the original painter during the period the painting was done. Our painters are forbidden to add their own “interpretation” to a painting but if you want a painting adjusted in a certain way, please let us know in advance.

We will make the painting any way you want. Your satisfaction is the only thing that matters to us, even if we disagree with changes you might request.

If our best efforts cannot satisfy you, you are welcome to request a refund. See the full details of our returns and cancellation policies published on our web site. The “extended delivery timeframe” has no impact on our guarantee.

If you still have a question or we can be of any further service, please feel free to contact us any time.

Memorable Quote: “He that is greatest among you must be servant of all!”
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