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George Inness, The Juniata River, 1856, oil on canvas, 37 x 55 in. / 94 x 139.7 cm, US$700

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     We state the dimensions of our art reproductions of famous paintings in both inches and centimeters to make the size quickly clear to any viewer. We usually make the dimensions accurate to only one decimal points and round off the difference — down if the number is under five and up if it is five or more.
     We can do any painting in any size that you require. Since the dimensions of the painting must be proportional to the original, please give us the size of the longer side and we'll refer to the paintings original size to determine the correct shorter side.
     Sometimes we discover that the dimensions given as the size of the original work of art are incorrect. Other times we find that the master image from which we work was cropped at some time since the photo was taken and has slightly different proportions than the original. We correct these inaccuracies as much as possible but they may result in small differences between the dimensions we quote at the time of ordering and the actual size of the painting you receive.
     These differences are usually only small fractions of an inch or a few millimeters. In cases where the change in size will be more than that, we will contact you for acknowledgement and approval of the size. For more information about this see Commissions.

Conversion Table
centimeters meters inches feet
1 0.01 0.3937 0.03281
100 1 39.37 3.281
2.54 0.0254 1 0.0833
30.48 0.3048 12 1
91.44 0.9144 36 3

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