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Example of complex background, second, third and fourth persons/animals, and additional pictorial elements in a portrait.
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    Oil portraits can be full length or head & shoulders only. We can add any background or other elements to the portrait in oil. Or perhaps you'd like the face of your loved one in a famous portrait painting by Leonardo da Vinci or other famous portrait artist. Tell us your special commissioned portrait requirements & we'll give you a custom quote.
    Masterpiece Paintings Gallery has four standard sizes for baby portraits, pregnancy portraits, a child oil portrait, bridal portraits, ceo oil portrait, grandson's oil portrait or other single-person portrait in oil:

12" x 16" (30.5 x 40.6 cm) - US$250*
(see below for additional portrait in oil charges)
18" x 24" (45.7 x 61 cm) - US$340*
24" x 32" (61 x 81.3 cm) - US$450*
24" x 36" (61 x 91.3 cm) - US$500*

    Our portrait backgrounds are usually soft and basically a single color like standard studio photographs although the artist can temper the background by adding some color tones from the face and clothing of the subject such as in the sample below. Please use color names as they appear on our Portrait Background Color Chart.

    We've selected examples of backgrounds from 60 of the most famous portraits by all time done by many famous portrait artists to help you decide what is best for you. Each group is comprised of 12 paintings. The graphics are rather large (159-194 Kb) and may take a short time to download unless you have a broadband Internet connection.

    They show various techniques, colors, lighting source angles, and special effects like "glow", spot lighting, etc. There are examples of light subjects on dark backgrounds and darker subjects on light backgrounds. When referring to a particular example, please use Group, Column and Row, such as Group 2, Column 3, Row 4 which would be the bottom left corner.

Group 1        Group 2        Group 3        Group 4        Group 5

    Our standard portrait painting format is of a single person or animal from the waist/midsection upwards such as the painting below. See below for other types of portrait paintings & charges that apply to family portraits, wedding portraits, engagement portraits, anniversary portrait.

Our standard format is a portrait of the person from the waist upwards. (Click to enlarge)
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     *Additional charges for family portraits and other multiple-person oil portraits and/or complex backgrounds:

Second person +US$40 (such as wedding portraits)
Third person +US$15
Fourth person +US$10
Fifth person +US$10
Full length portrait format (head to toe) +US$15
Complex background +US$25 (see samples below)
Additional pictorial elements such as pets, books, vase of flowers, globe +US$20

Example of complex background, second, third and fourth persons/animals, and additional pictorial elements in a portrait.
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     Every portrait painting comes with free packing and courier delivery, a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. Pre-approval of the oil portraits are done by review of a batch of digital photos sent to you as email attachments.

     We accept all forms of payment but an electronic money transfer to our account or an online secure credit or debit card payment via are fastest. and we'll send you a link to the appropriate order page for paying by debit or credit card.

     Click here for complete information about making an electronic payment.

     Framing options are available exclusively to clients who have already ordered a portrait or reproduction painting.

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