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Frame Collection Set 5
for Oil Painting Reproduction Art

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Spring Bouquet, 1866, oil on canvas, 41.3 x 31.6 in. / 104.8 x 80.3 cm, US$450
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     Quotations for our collection of colored wood as well as metallic wide and medium width frames (full screen image below) include stretching, mounting, framing, packing and delivery to your door of the ready-to-hang painting by UPS, DHL, DPX, TNT or other courier service which usually takes about 72 hours after pickup.
     Please complete the simple form below if you want us to quote a price for framing. We'll calculate the cost and send you a quotation — usually within 24-72 hours.
     An off-white cotton border of approximately 1 inch, 1.5 inches or 2 inches can be placed around the painting to offset it from the frame. The border begins with a gold strip around the painting. We also have silk borders in white, cream, red, green, brown and oak up to three inches wide.

Framing available only to customers who have ordered painting reproductions.

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Note: #2 is out of stock
Note: #2 is out of stock
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