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Masterpiece Paintings Gallery art reproduction oil painting payment options

Payment Options

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          We accept payment by check, money order, money transfer (T/T) and credit or debit card via PayPal. If you have any questions, please feel free to .

      Money transfers a.k.a. electronic money transfers a.k.a. telegraphic money transfers (T/T)  are acceptable, fast and preferred. When we receive your purchase order commissioning a painting we will send you an email message with details of how to make the money transfer.

     If you want to pay by check or money order, ADD US$15 to the total for handling and have it stamped ACCOUNT PAYEE ONLY and payable to:

Red Hare Communications

     Send the check by Priority Mail to:

Red Hare Communications 
726 Brittain Road 
Akron, Ohio 
USA 44305-2039

     Work on your commission begins the day payment is verified and your check has cleared.

    Sending a check by Certified Mail can slow down the process by many days. If you need your painting swiftly, pay by money transfer because checks take time to arrive, time to be deposited and time to clear.

    Considering current quality of USPS delivery, we advise agains using checks and the US mail system.

     Please send us by email the details of a money transfer so we can track it on our end and promptly notify you of it's arrival in our account.

     CAUTION: Please advise your bank to be careful about including in their transfer any fees for routing the payment through the Bank of New York or other intermediary bank so the total amount doesn't show up short on this end. Intermediary transferring banks often charge US$20 for their service in addition to what your bank charges you for their service. This possible charge is not by our bank and is totally beyond our control. It depends on the transfer method used by your bank.

     Recent payments from British and Greek customers came up short, delaying delivery of their paintings as well as causing them unnecessary extra expense. Please be sure you have made clear to your bank to include any intermediary bank fees in the total amount sent.

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